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Axis Programs
Axis' programs are designed to provide the foundation for total athletic performance: speed, agility, first-step explosion, strength, power, balance, and stability. We incorporate all of these necessary components into comprehensive performance training programs with a distinct emphasis on technique and safety.

Our team carefully plans each season's workouts in advance based on the latest science available. Sessions are purchased and scheduled by you, using our web based scheduling system. No need to form a group or commit to specific days and times. 

The goal of a strength and conditioning program is to address the general physical preparatory needs of the athlete as it relates to his/her sport. At Axis, we accomplish this through a multifaceted approach focused on the development of strength and power, energy systems, and injury prevention.

Strength and Power
Ground based, multi-joint, free weight exercises are the primary means to improve strength and power. Our programs consist of basic barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight exercises that give us the best bang for our buck and challenge our athletes in different ways. Scientifically proven methods are utilized to develop training programs throughout the year, drawing from weightlifting, powerlifting, strongman, and other disciplines to construct a program that most benefits each sport and athlete individually.

Energy Systems
Duration of play, work to rest ratios, and movement intensity are assessed to create a comprehensive conditioning plan most suitable to the demands of each sport. Various means, ranging from agility drills, high intensity interval training, and anaerobic circuits, are incorporated to best prepare athletes for competition.

Injury Prevention/ Rehab
Through analysis of the sport and assessment of the athlete, specific “prehab” exercises are installed into the training program. These exercises focus on strengthening areas of the body that are commonly injured in a specific sport. By improving strength or mobility in muscles that are weak, tight, or overused, many injuries can be avoided.

Should an athlete suffer an injury, our facility houses on site physical therapy. During rehab and return to play our coaches coordinate with the Catalyst Physical Therapy staff to form a plan that ensures a fast and complete recovery.

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