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9030 State Route 108
Columbia, Md, 21045
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Speed, Agility, and Conditioning
The goal of the SAC program is to improve linear speed, first step quickness, change of direction ability, and general coordination and conditioning. Athletes are instructed on proper sprinting, cutting, and landing mechanics. This program is perfect for young athletes looking to improve speed, agility, running mechanics, footwork, and conditioning.

Sessions are 60 minutes and are comprised of:

     - 10 minute dynamic warm up
     - 20 minutes of linear speed and multi-directional agility work
     - 10 minutes of core training, plyometrics, and bodyweight            strength work
     - 15 minutes of anaerobic conditioning
     - 5 minutes of stretching and mobility work

The SAC program is offered for two age groups:
     - Grades 3-6
     - Grades 7-9

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