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​"I began going to Axis in elementary school and continued throughout middle and high school. Axis made me a fundamentally stronger athlete and gave me a competitive edge over many of the girls I competed against. I got quicker, stronger, and faster and was also able to prevent injuries that affected some of my teammates. I always enjoyed coming to Axis because the coaches are so knowledgeable, but also funny and kind, and made me want to get better every day. I know I would not be where I am today athletically if I hadn’t had gone to Axis for so many years."

Taylor Cummings
3 Time Tewaaraton Award Winner
University of Maryland Lacrosse

"Ever since my team and I started lifting with Matt almost a year ago, we've noticed a serious increase in strength. We are stronger and faster in the training room and out in competition. The sessions are always fun and fulfilling as Matt takes a close look at our form to make sure we get the most out of every lift. The facility is big and we always have plenty of room to work and the showers make it convenient to continue with the rest of the day. All the staff I meet is very friendly and it's always a great time there!"

Vannessa Griffin
Crazy 88 MMA
2015 IBJJF World Champion- blue belt lightweight

“My son Connor worked out at Axis this spring and summer. I watched many of the sessions and found the instructors to be professional, positive, and productive! The workouts are challenging and display variety. Connor improved his strength, quickness, and endurance and developed physical and mental toughness. Most importantly, his confidence soared! I have spent a lifetime involved in athletics. I highly recommend Axis Sport Performance.” 

Pat Clatchey 
Head Basketball Coach 
Mount Saint Joseph High School
2009 McDonalds All-American Coach

“I have been training at Axis for almost ten years and have seen continuous improvements in my speed, agility, strength, and conditioning. In my early years, I was able to learn perfect lifting form as well as great speed and agility techniques, which set the tone for a successful athletic career in football. Axis gave me a huge advantage competing in high school sports and provided a head start when I arrived to play football at Penn State University. In my first workouts at Penn State I felt more prepared and ahead of schedule thanks to Axis. Axis provides professional level trainers who push athletes through workouts with college and professional level intensity. As I try to continue my football career, it was an easy decision to continue my training at Axis.”

Jon Rohrbaugh
Penn State University- 2012
Howard High School- 2008

"I have known Matt for five years now and he is one of the most dedicated strength and conditioning coaches I know. He is constantly improving his knowledge base and applying that information to his athletes. He has worked with high level Division I and professional athletes of all sports. Matt genuinely cares about his athletes and will always provide them with proper athletic development programs. It makes me happy to know that a coach with such a great knowledge base and care factor is available to athletes in my home state. From speed development, athletic skill enhancement, and strength training, Matt will have you ready to go!"

Evan Simon
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach
Oregon State University Football

“I started in the program in 7th grade and I have continuously seen marked improvements in my flexibility, agility, and power year after year. Axis one of the reasons I have been able to make the step to college wrestling.”

Vince Cina
4 Time All-American
University of Pennsylvania Wrestling

"I saw a significant improvement in speed, strength and agility in my junior boys lacrosse team after a winter session at Axis. This program helped each participant improve their overall lacrosse game with the aid of better fitness, balance, and endurance. I highly recommend this program for boys and girls of all age groups. It is worth the investment!"

Pat Youngs 
Howard County Lacrosse Program

"Axis has played a part in our team success in the past few years. Axis designed a lacrosse plan that made our girls faster on ground balls and draws. The girls were more explosive and were in better shape before the season started. This really helped our Howard Lacrosse team achieve their goal to win the Regional Championship this year."

Alleesha Davidson 
Howard High School
Girl's Lacrosse Head Coach 

"The addition of the training programs at Axis Sport Performance not only helped to increase the confidence of my team, but also helped keep us injury free and to give us the extra edge in speed and power on the court. I now realize why so many athletes, coaches, and parents have turned to the knowledgeable staff at Axis and the programs they have for athletes in all sports from all ages and skill levels."

Teresa Waters
Head Women's Basketball Coach
River Hill High School