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Complete Athlete Development
Our most popular and comprehensive program is structured in a small group setting and is ideal for off season or preseason athletes. Small groups allow us to provide more attention to each athlete's form and technique as well as allowing us to prescribe more complex and rigorous exercises in a safe environment.

These programs utilize all of our equipment and techniques to develop explosive power, strength, and speed.

Following an initial one-on-one assessment with a coach, athletes are placed in a group and given a program that is individualized based on that athlete's age and ability level. 

Each CAD session is 90 minutes and is comprised of:

     - 10 minute dynamic warm up

     - 20 minutes of linear speed or multi-directional agility training (emphasis changes each day)

     - 40 minutes of strength, power, and core training utilizing plyometrics, Olympic lifting variations,              and traditional barbell, dumbbell, and bodyweight strength exercises

     - 15 minutes of anaerobic conditioning

     - 5 minutes of stretching and mobility work

CAD programs are offered for two different age groups. Our varsity program includes grades 10 and up, while our JV program is comprised of athletes in grades 7-9.
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