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"I've been a client at Axis Sport Performance for seven years and love everything about their adult programs. The workouts, which consists of strength, conditioning and stretching have kept me strong, agile and injury free. They are planned by certified strength and conditioning coaches with a long term progressive aspect. I just have to show up and do what they say. Its awesome!

My sons have also worked out at Axis for several years. They've learned how to lift weights safely and effectively and the value of working hard in the gym to increase their performance on the field. The coaches have also provided great role models for them both in the gym and in life. They care about the kids and invest a lot of themselves in their success."

Suzanne Paterson

"All of the trainers are excellent. I have done the hour adult class which works on conditioning and strength. It is a fun yet intensive class. I'm almost 50 and feel that I am in better shape now than I was when I was 40."

Jim Perrus

"The workouts at Axis are the best health and fitness experience of my life. I exercised on my own for many years and have worked with private trainers in the past. The Axis small group program works wonders for me. I could never work out this effectively on my own. 

The most outstanding quality of Axis is the staff. They watch us very carefully and use their extensive knowledge and insight to prevent injury and encourage results. Everyone who works there takes a serious, professional approach to fitness, and they are able to make it fun for their clients. What a great collection of talent!"

Ed Hurley

"Our whole family has been coming to Axis for five years now and we continue to make Axis a part of our family values. We initially started with Axis as a way to improve the agility, strength and athleticism of our kids and in general for my husband and I as a way to improve our own strength and endurance. Axis has delivered on each of these goals and beyond. We've watched our kids turn into teenagers and find for themselves the benefit of being physically fit; not to mention the exponential impact on their athletic performances. The coaches at Axis are top tier. They know their craft and do a great job motivating their clients while making the workouts dynamic and fun. 

Judy Stone 
Head Girls Lacrosse Coach
Damascus High School

"The environment at Axis is very welcoming and the trainers are friendly. By the end of my first year I lost 30 pounds. Not only did I receive personal instruction from all the trainers on both nutrition and fitness, but I made some good friends there too. I introduced my kids to the facility and they enjoy it as well. The coaches have been tremendous throughout my time there and I look forward to continuing my relationship for a long time."

Ryan McQueeney

"I love Axis. It is a very unique and special gym! When I was 50 years old I was in constant pain due to back issues and had to give up tennis, which broke my heart. After three years at Axis, my back seldom aches. I have lost 30 pounds, look like an athlete, and am more fit than ever in my life! I feel younger and vibrant (and I am back on the tennis court)! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Axis for young and old alike. The classes are varied and challenging. Working in groups encourages us to work harder than one-on-one training and it is easy to get an extensive, safe workout in one hour. Since day one, I have felt like I am important to each of the trainers at Axis and fitting two classes per week into my schedule is simple because of the variety of daytime and evening classes offered.”

Jean Hurley