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Adult Programs
You don't stop training because you get older. You get older because you stop training.

Former athlete looking to get back in shape? Not getting the results you want at your local gym? Axis offers two different classes for our adult population. Workouts are scaled for all fitness levels and our small group atmosphere improves motivation while still giving you the individual attention you need.​

Adult Strength and Fitness
This program combines various strength, core, and conditioning exercises into full-body circuits that are designed to blast calories and improve conditioning. 

Advanced Adult Strength Training
For individuals looking to improve maximal strength and power and learn compound barbell lifts. This program utilizes the Olympic lifts (clean & jerk, snatch), squats, deadlifts, and various other barbell, dumbbell and bodyweight strength training exercises. The primary goals are to improve total body strength and increase muscle mass. This program includes minimal conditioning.
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"Axis has been an amazing and positive experience for me. The workouts at Axis are the best health and fitness experience of my life! I exercised on my own for many years, and have worked with private trainers in the past. Axis is the find of a lifetime! I could never work out this effectively on my own! 

Ed Hurley
Axis Adult Client